Huffman House

Huffman House

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Newspaper Clips

This house has quite a history. To celebrate the history it has been featured in the newspaper and magazines. It was also on the cover of a brochure for an event titled "West University Home Tours." Most famously the house was featured in a special publication on Tucson's Inner City Mansions. These clips were taken from that article. The top photo shows the house with the original, all grass, front yard and the palm tree which now is at least twice that in hight. The bottom photo shows the home owner sitting in the office. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dr. Ira E. Huffman Obituary

Death came yesterday to Dr. Ira E. Huffman, pioneer Tucsonan, former mayor and civic leaders and, for many years, a leading physician in the state.

Dr. Huffman, a resident of Tucson since 1906, died after a long illness and more than nine years after his retirement as a medical practitioner. He was to have observed his 85th birthday March 13.

Dr. Huffman served two terms as mayor -- from 1911 to 1915 -- and under his leadership streets were paved and graded in the city for the first time. Concrete was laid on Stone avenue and Congress, among others.

During his administrations -- he was re-elected to the second term in 1912--the Fourth avenue subway was installed over much opposition, and the way was cleared for the construction of more subways in the area.

In addition, parks were improved and the price of electric current reduced during his tenure in office. He was also instrumental in bringing the YMCA here in 1914.

After leaving office he continued to work for the city in unofficial capacities and in 1920 helped bring the Veterans hospital to the Old Pueblo.

Dr. Huffman practiced medicine in Tucson for 39 years. On his retirement in 1945 he was the oldest doctor here in length of service.

He served as president of the Pima County Medical society and the Arizona State Medical society and was on the state board of health for many years.

For 31 years, from 1914 until his retirement, he was acting surgeon of the U.S. Public Health service in Tucson and also served as medical director of the University of Arizona from 1941 until 1945.

Dr. Huffman, born in Versailles, Ind., in 1870, graduated from Iowa State university in 1901 and shortly after began practicing in Iowa. He remained there for five years before deciding to come west.

During World War I he held the rank of major in the army, serving for three years, much of which time was spent overseas. He held the rank of lieutenant-colonel in the army reserve to the time of his death.

A member of the American Legion, Dr. Huffman was a past commander of the Morgan McDermott post. He was also a 32nd degree Mason and a member of the Elks.

Dr. Huffman is survived by his wife, Edith, whom he married in 1910; a daughter, Mrs. Alice H. Taylor, and two grandchildren, of Los Angeles, and a nephew, Dr. John W. Huffman of Evanston, Ill.

Funeral ervices are set for Monday afternoon. The time and place of burial will be announced by Arizona mortuary.

The House Today

Here is our wonderful house today. Don't let the picture fool you though. This house has been through so much over the last 100 years that we had to put it on anti-anxiety medicine. When it was first built it housed Dr. Huffman's family as well as his medical practice. There he treated everything from gun-shot wounds to injuries from the trolly that runs in front of the house. After that it became a fraternity, then a school and then another fraternity. All this to say... it has many wounds that need healing. Everything from a new roof and new floors to the removal and re-erecting of a termite infested addition. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

The Tracy Family
Andy, Tobi, Britton and Kiera

Remodeling a 1911 craftsman style home on University Blvd in Tucson, AZ.

Well, this is a tricky question. With all the people trying to remodel homes in this economy the city is just swamped. It could be awhile before we are even allowed to have ill feelings about the color of the homes exterior. On a serious note, we purchased the home in July of 2010 and are still waiting for the permits. Because the house is historic, and is on the historic registry, we don't expect to have building permits until the end of December.

On University Blvd in Tucson, AZ.

Watch this: